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May 17 2018

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Ron Walotsky



Tak: The Hideous New Lesbian

Tak: The Butch New Girl

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redrew some old high school art last night on a whim! 2002 on the left, —> 2018 on the right. My original caption from 2002:

I had Egyptian characters a long while back, and it’s fun to see how much I’ve improved now, through colouring, design, & historical accuracy.

KEEP IT UP, little Claire

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What do you write? You wouldn’t know. It’s called Rumi. Rumi? He’s this alien who always looks like he’s going to the opera, but never gets there. And he knows that as soon as he turns up to the opera, even if he has on a top hat and looks like a million bucks, it doesn’t matter, that he’s still going to terrify everyone there. And that they’ll kill him.

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From Dykes to Watch Out For by Alison Bechdel (1986).


When bald people wash their faces, how high up do they go

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strange things happen at the top of the mountain


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via weheartit

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To commission me, please email me at witarson@gmail.com

In your email specify the following:

- The kind of figure you want, and how many (Bust, Torso, Full)
- Whether you want just lineart (Sketchy or Clean) or with color and shading
-  Any form of background
- For any particular person, character or thing you want depicted , please attach adequate visual references in your email
- You can tell me about what kind of mood and lighting you want to come through in the final painted image!

Will do:
-portraits of real people (you, your favorite singer/actor, your mom)
-OCs, fursonas, fictional characters (fanart)
-yeah I’ll draw shipping too
-your pets
-character design!! (provide ample photographic references and descriptions, but specify how many figure options you want from the beginning)
-objects (plants, places, vehicles- counts as background)

Won’t do:
-pornography (suggestive works are okay though)
-your homework
-actually I have the right to turn down just about anything that I might disagree with for any reason, so!! anything that makes my skin crawl falls under this

Any special requests or formats not covered above can be negotiated through email.

I also wouldn’t be averse to anyone just dropping me 3 dollars if they’re able. The final piece will be posted to this blog (unless specified otherwise), and the commissioner will receive a high resolution image and the PSD file.

Thanks for reading, considering, and please boost!!

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A selection of 58 buttons from the Lesbian Herstory Archives. 

Go to the source for a closer look.

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My eraser stained these a lot :’l
(I like to think Max is the big spoon between these two)

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Mark Daniel - Kolmanskop, 2008

reminds me of woman in the dunes by kōbō abe. i should re-read that.

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