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To commission me, please email me at witarson@gmail.com

In your email specify the following:

- The kind of figure you want, and how many (Bust, Torso, Full)
- Whether you want just lineart (Sketchy or Clean) or with color and shading
-  Any form of background
- For any particular person, character or thing you want depicted , please attach adequate visual references in your email
- You can tell me about what kind of mood and lighting you want to come through in the final painted image!

Will do:
-portraits of real people (you, your favorite singer/actor, your mom)
-OCs, fursonas, fictional characters (fanart)
-yeah I’ll draw shipping too
-your pets
-character design!! (provide ample photographic references and descriptions, but specify how many figure options you want from the beginning)
-objects (plants, places, vehicles- counts as background)

Won’t do:
-pornography (suggestive works are okay though)
-your homework
-actually I have the right to turn down just about anything that I might disagree with for any reason, so!! anything that makes my skin crawl falls under this

Any special requests or formats not covered above can be negotiated through email.

I also wouldn’t be averse to anyone just dropping me 3 dollars if they’re able. The final piece will be posted to this blog (unless specified otherwise), and the commissioner will receive a high resolution image and the PSD file.

Thanks for reading, considering, and please boost!!

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